The Duality of the Line

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Virginia Tech


Everything in the universe has an opposite, and exists in complete harmony. Without one, we would not experience the other. It is this duality of experiences, perspectives and actions that I seek to study in this thesis.

Dual natures are typically found in the unconventional life of Latin America, where barriers are not strictly defined and there is a constant mix of formality and informality. It is in this region, with its culture and history, that I plan to build a type of architecture that seeks to inspire the inhabitant to explore the possibility that one element can act in two opposing ways. Carnaval and Ash Wednesday will be the backdrops of the study, as I plan on designing both a market place and a church dedicated to these holidays.

How can we perceive an element one way, but then completely different the next day? To answer this question I will develop both a church and a market in Panama City, Panama.



Duality, Market, Church, Carnaval, Ashes