Implementation and Evaluation of an Algorithm for User Identity and Permissions for Situational Awareness Analysis

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Virginia Tech

The thesis analyzes the steps and actions necessary to develop an application using a user identity management system, user permissions system, message distribution system, and message response data collection and display system to deliver timely command and control of human assets and the input of intelligence in emergency response situations. The application, MinuteMan, uniquely manages messages sent between multiple users and their parent organizations. Specifically, messages are stored, managed, and displayed to managers based on the hierarch or organizational rank as well as situational allowances of the users sending and receiving messages and permissions. Using an algorithm for user identity and permissions for situational awareness analysis, messages and information is sent to multiple addressees in an organization. Responses are correlated to the rank of the responding recipients in the organization, to assist the users and the parent organizations to identify which responses to have been read. Receipt of the messages is acknowledged before the message can be fully read. Responses to the messages include a selection of a user status from a preset choice of statuses, and may include other response attributes required or offered by the sender of the message. The locations of responding and non-responding addresses can be mapped and tracked. The resulting solution provides improved situational awareness during emergency response situations.

emergency response, computer system, mobile device, organization, identity, user permissions