Improving Separation of Signals from Multiple Physical Quantities Detected by Sensor Arrays

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Virginia Tech


Modern array sensing systems, such as distributed fiber optic sensing, are used in many applications which may record a mixture of responses to multiple physical quantities. In these applications, it may be helpful to be able to separate this mixture of responses into the signals resulting from the individual sources. This is similar to the cocktail party problem posed with Independent Component Analysis (ICA), in which we use gradient ascent and fixed point iteration optimization algorithms to achieve this separation. We then seek to apply the problem setup from ICA to mixed signals resulting from a sensor array with the goal of maintaining coherence throughout resulting spatial arrays. We propose a new post-processing technique after separation to pair up the signals from different types of physical quantities based on the Symmetric Reverse Cuthill-McKee (SRCM) and Symmetric Approximate Minimum Degree (SAMD) permutations of the coherence matrix.



Applied Math, Signal Processing, Time Series Analysis