Exploratory study in dietary analysis of a pediatric WIC population

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


The diets of 75 two year old children, participating in the Virginia Beach WIC Program, were evaluated twice. They were analyzed using a 24 hour dietary recall (WIC 329), and again using a computer program (Nutritionist I) for RDA. Diets were examined for the nutrients calcium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron found in the four food groups on the WIC 329. Each food group and corresponding nutrient was identified with varying degrees of success.The protein and calcium assessment were accurate. Under the conditions of this study, several recommendations can be made. The milk group heading could state that one cup of fluid milk provides 310 IU vitamin A. The vitamin A rich foods yield 6000 IU rather than 4000-5000 IU as indicated on the WIC 329. For vitamin C, only 3/4 serving is required to satisfy the RDA rather than the stated full serving. Iron values could be documented on the WIC 329 for the meat, vitamin A, vitamin C, and bread/cereal group. Iron fortified cereals, supplying at least 45% RDA, could be a separate subgroup to reflect the higher iron content. A truncated regression formula was developed to estimate nutritional status. A ceiling of 150% RDA was used to prevent skewing of nutrients. Use of the regression formula instead of the WIC 329 resulted in a 67% improvement of estimating nutritional status.



Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children (U.S.) -- Virginia