Multi-channel Mobile Access to Web Services

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Virginia Tech

To support wireless-oriented services, a new generation of Web services called Mobile services (M-services) has emerged. M-services provide mobile users access to services through wireless networks. One of the important issues in M-service environment is how to discover and access M-services efficiently. In this dissertation, we propose time and power efficient access methods for M-services. We focus on methods for accessing broadcast based M-services from multiple wireless channels. We first discuss efficient access methods in data-oriented wireless broadcast systems. We then discuss how to extend current wireless broadcast systems to support simple M-services. We present a novel infrastructure that provides a multi-channel broadcast framework for mobile users to effectively discover and access composite M-services. Multi-channel algorithms are proposed for efficiently accessing composite services. We define a few semantics that have impact on access efficiency in the proposed infrastructure. We discuss semantic access to composite services. Broadcast channel organizations suitable for discovering and accessing composite services are proposed. We also derive analytical models for these channel organizations. To provide practical study for the proposed infrastructure and access methods, a testbed is developed for simulating accessing M-services in a broadcast-based environment. Extensive experiments have been conducted to study the proposed access methods and broadcast channel organizations. The experimental results are presented and discussed.

Wireless Access, Broadcast, Semantic Access, Mobile Web Services