Motion Control Theory Needed in the Implementation of Practical Robotic Systems

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Virginia Tech

Two areas of expertise required in the production of industrial and commercial robotics are motor control and obstacle navigation algorithms. This is especially true in the field of autonomous robotic vehicles, and this application will be the focus of this work. This work is divided into two parts. Part I describes the motor types and feedback devices available and the appropriate choice for a given robotics application. This is followed by a description of the control strategies available and appropriate for a variety of situations. Part II describes the vision hardware and navigation software necessary for an autonomous robotic vehicle. The conclusion discusses how the two parts are coming together in the emerging field of electric smart car technology.

The content is aimed at the robotic vehicle designer. Both parts present a contribution to the field but also survey the required background material for a researcher to enter into development. The material has been made succinct and graphical wherever appropriate.

obstacle avoidance, navigation, robotics, motion control