Vertebrate Map Visualization


Our client, Dr. Mims, and a team of researchers, collected trait data on lesser-known vertebrate species in the northwestern United States. The goal of this research was to find links from trait to climate change vulnerability. She then published her data in a report that was made available through VertNet. Since the research comes from publicly available museum records it is only fitting to create a publicly accessible website to not only access the research but to engage the public on this important issue.

The goal of our project was to make a multiple page website with quick links, resources, and research all attached to their respective vertebrate/species. We also made sortable lists of the species based off of their trait data. Also to be included with our website is a manual on how to extend or maintain the website for future use and extensibility when we are no longer working on the website.

Another focus of the website is an informative visualization/infographic map that allows users to investigate the data of the species and their populations in different regions. Different parts of the map should be linked from each species individual page for easy association of information. Advancement on the infographic/visualization map that allows for input to clarify or maintain interest in the relevant data. Easy to understand controls that allow for detailing or generalizing parts of the map to meet criteria for different areas of interest or research.

Included are the files of trait data given to us by Dr. Mims and our final presentation. This trait data is for the species represented by our website.