Power System Reliability Analysis with Distributed Generators


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Virginia Tech


Reliability is a key aspect of power system design and planning. In this research we present a reliability analysis algorithm for large scale, radially operated (with respect to substation), reconfigurable, electrical distribution systems. The algorithm takes into account equipment power handling constraints and converges in a matter of seconds on systems containing thousands of components. Linked lists of segments are employed in obtaining the rapid convergence. A power flow calculation is used to check the power handling constraints. The application of distributed generators for electrical distribution systems is a new technology. The placement of distributed generation and its effects on reliability is investigated. Previous reliability calculations have been performed for static load models and inherently make the assumption that system reliability is independent of load. The study presented here evaluates improvement in reliability over a time varying load curve. Reliability indices for load points and the overall system have been developed. A new reliability index is proposed. The new index makes it easier to locate areas where reliability needs to be improved. The usefulness of this new index is demonstrated with numerical examples.



segment, set, Reliability Analysis, Distributed Generators