A museum for film and photography and its place in the city

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Even though downtown areas are located in the heart of the city, they are often lifeless and empty. They have been developed into office areas with no life in the evenings. Closed. blank walls on ground floor and the possibility to drive right into the building with a car deserted the streets.

Right now efforts are made to revitalize these areas. With my project I develop buildings for one block in Downtown Washington DC. I will address the following issues:

How can a museum, film theaters, and a building with art-related functions and housing be combined on one site?

Is it possible to create a pedestrian-friendly environment on ground level even though the previous mentioned functions do not need openings or the connection to the outside?

How can inside and outside work together without disturbing each other?

Can daylight be used in the museum and the film theaters although it is not needed for the functions themselves?

I will try to set an example for a different approach of building in Downtown.