MATLODE: A MATLAB ODE Solver and Sensitivity Analysis Toolbox

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Virginia Tech


Sensitivity analysis quantifies the effect that of perturbations of the model inputs have on the model's outputs. Some of the key insights gained using sensitivity analysis are to understand the robustness of the model with respect to perturbations, and to select the most important parameters for the model. MATLODE is a tool for sensitivity analysis of models described by ordinary differential equations (ODEs). MATLODE implements two distinct approaches for sensitivity analysis: direct (via the tangent linear model) and adjoint. Within each approach, four families of numerical methods are implemented, namely explicit Runge-Kutta, implicit Runge-Kutta, Rosenbrock, and single diagonally implicit Runge-Kutta. Each approach and family has its own strengths and weaknesses when applied to real world problems. MATLODE has a multitude of options that allows users to find the best approach for a wide range of initial value problems. In spite of the great importance of sensitivity analysis for models governed by differential equations, until this work there was no MATLAB ordinary differential equation sensitivity analysis toolbox publicly available. The two most popular sensitivity analysis packages, CVODES [8] and FATODE [10], are geared toward the high performance modeling space; however, no native MATLAB toolbox was available. MATLODE fills this need and offers sensitivity analysis capabilities in MATLAB, one of the most popular programming languages within scientific communities such as chemistry, biology, ecology, and oceanogra- phy. We expect that MATLODE will prove to be a useful tool for these communities to help facilitate their research and fill the gap between theory and practice.



ODE Solver, Tangent Linear Model, Adjoint Model, Sensitivity Analysis, Software