A residence for Ocean City, Maryland

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute


One of the most challenging aspects of architectural practice is the design of residences. Because the solution appropriate for each situation differs with the composition, the cultural and ethnic background, and the living pattern of each family, the design of a home is never lacking in interest; because the family and its home are the basis of our civilization, residential architecture is of lasting significance.

While within and about the home the individual comes under its influence, and his physical and emotional health are greatly affected. Physiologically he is affected by temperature, ventilation, humidity, and illumination; psychologically he is affected by crowding, clutter, noise, color, and spatial relationships.

By deciding upon one design or another, the designer of homes, whether he is conscious of it or not, influences the future success and happiness of family life in the most intensive manner. Therefore, the architect has at his command a tremendous power of good or evil.

Although definite progress in raising the standards of dwelling design has been made since World War II, there is still a great need for exploration in the field of house design, especially with regard to the technical and functional aspects of planning. The purpose of this thesis is to provide an opportunity for such general investigation and to apply the information thus gained to an actual, specific problem, the design of a residence for the author's parents.