Active Magnetic Bearings used as an Actuator for Rotor Health Monitoring in Conjunction with Conventional Support Bearings

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Virginia Tech


This thesis describes the test rig and results from a project expanding the field of rotor health monitoring by using Active Magnetic Bearings (AMBs) as actuators for applying a variety of known force inputs to a spinning. Similar to modal analysis and other nondestructive evaluation (NDE) techniques which apply input signals to static structures in order to monitor responses; this approach allows for the measurement of both input and output response in a rotating system for evaluation. However, unlike these techniques, the new procedure allows for multiple forms of force input signals to be applied to a rotating structure. This technique is used on a rotating shaft supported in conventional bearings with an AMB actuator added to the system. This paper presents the results from this project including shaft rub and notch. An EDM notch was also tested to attempt a breathing scenario similar to breathing cracks.



modal analysis, active magnetic bearings, health monitoring, shaft rub, crack, actuator