Ocean of Objects

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Virginia Tech


Every day we encounter objects and use them for purposes related to improving our life. However, sometimes the reason these objects are manufactured is because of capitalistic gain rather than the need for improved quality of life. In fact, the more objects that are produced by American companies, the more garbage is inevitably ending up in landfills. The installation work, Ocean of Objects, arranges mundane objects in a different context within a diorama. The United States is in an age of consumerism where our relationship to the objects we buy defines the way we conceptualize our relationship to the physical environment we are in. As a theater artist, I studied scenic design and installing scenery for productions. The exhibition and diorama are created using methods of theatrical scenic design, and digital elements such as projections help reinforce the narrative setting. I sense that if people paid more attention to how things get made and then discarded and changed the perception of their environment through the objects they buy and use, then they could build a better community with each other.



Diorama, Found Objects, Materiality, Ecology, Environmentalism, Scenic Design