Commutation Error in Reduced Order Modeling


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Virginia Tech


We investigate the effect of spatial filtering on the recently proposed data-driven correction reduced order model (DDC-ROM). We compare two filters: the ROM projection, which was originally used to develop the DDC-ROM, and the ROM differential filter, which uses a Helmholtz operator to attenuate the small scales in the input signal. We focus on the following questions: Do filtering and differentiation with respect to space variable commute, when filtering is applied to the diffusion term?'' or in other words Do we have commutation error (CE) in the diffusion term?" and ``If so, is the commutation error data-driven correction ROM (CE-DDC-ROM) more accurate than the original DDC-ROM?'' If the CE exists, the DDC-ROM has two different correction terms: one comes from the diffusion term and the other from the nonlinear convection term. We investigate the DDC-ROM and the CE-DDC-ROM equipped with the two ROM spatial filters in the numerical simulation of the Burgers equation with different diffusion coefficients and two different initial conditions (smooth and non-smooth).



Reduced Order Modeling, Data-Driven Modeling, Filtering, Closure Modeling, Commutation Error