Inlet model testing facility preparation, injector calibration and preliminary testing of two two-dimensional inlet models at high incidence angles to study internal flow separation

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


An experimental study of internal flow separation at high incidence angles for two two-dimensional inlet models is presented. A description of the inlet testing facility includes the injector (which serves to drive the air through the inlet model), its control system, and the Virginia Tech 6-foot subsonic wind tunnel. The geometry of the two inlet models is discussed and the inlet model instrumentation is described. The injector is calibrated in preparation for the inlet model tests and found to exhibit satisfactory performance. Inlet models GE-1 and GE-2 are tested at incidence angles of 0°, 15°, and 30°, and at throat Mach numbers of 0.38, and 0.73. Preliminary data is presented and comparisons show a favorable trend toward delaying internal flow separation for the inlet model which has a thicker lip (higher contraction ratio).