Development of a transonic turbine cascade facility

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


This thesis describes the design and initial testing of a transonic turbine cascade facility. It is specifically concerned with the best way to obtain flow periodicity and repeatability through the cascade by the use of tailboards at the cascade exit. The problem of how to achieve flow periodicity and repeatability has not been completely resolved. An examination of the literature available on transonic turbine cascade testing indicates some researchers use no tailboards, some use a solid tailboard, and still others use a porous tailboard. In this thesis, the flow through the turbine cascade is tested for three different cascade exit configurations; no tailboard, a solid tailboard, and a porous tailboard. The cascade is also tested with the tailboard at different angles, to see what effect the angle of the tailboard has on the flow through the cascade. The data acquisition and flow visualization systems are discussed and some preliminary results are given.