Eigenvalue Statistics for Random Block Operators

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Virginia Tech


The Schrodinger Hamiltonian for a single electron in a crystalline solid with independent, identically distributed (i.i.d.) single-site potentials has been well studied. It has the form of a diagonal potential energy operator, which contains the random variables, plus a kinetic energy operator, which is deterministic. In the less-understood cases of multiple interacting charge carriers, or of correlated random variables, the Hamiltonian can take the form of a random block-diagonal operator, plus the usual kinetic energy term. Thus, it is of interest to understand the eigenvalue statistics for such operators.

In this work, we establish a criterion under which certain random block operators will be guaranteed to satisfy Wegner, Minami, and higher-order estimates. This criterion is phrased in terms of properties of individual blocks of the Hamiltonian. We will then verify the input conditions of this criterion for a certain quasiparticle model with i.i.d. single-site potentials. Next, we will present a progress report on a project to verify the same input conditions for a class of one-dimensional, single-particle alloy-type models. These two results should be sufficient to demonstrate the utility of the criterion as a method of proving Wegner and Minami estimates for random block operators.



Eigenvalue statistics, Wegner estimate, Minami estimate, Schrodinger operator