Journey to Machu Picchu: Where History, Culture, and Imagination Intertwine

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Virginia Tech


This thesis began as an exploration of how to create an immersive design through an immersive design experience. The project I used to study this inquiry was the design of a new country pavilion at Epcot in Walt Disney World based on Peru. This project revealed that in architecture, the design process is integral to the outcome; they are interwoven and cannot be separated. Weaving has emerged throughout every level of this investigation, from the intertwining of the overarching ideas to the physical and metaphysical weaving within the project. The method in which I worked became a weaving of the study of artifacts with the use of traditional architectural techniques and the exploration of emerging design technologies.

Traditional architectural design processes must be iterated on and adapted to better address more specialized sectors of the industry. For a themed entertainment project specifically, the design process must be catered to understanding and enhancing the user experience. I argue that a more immersive, multimedia design process is necessary to appropriately address these issues.



Machu Picchu, Virtual Reality, Grasshopper, Experiential, Essence, Placemaking, Themed Entertainment, Immersive Design, Design Process, Design Technologies