Syngman Rhee's efforts in the United States to promote Korean independence from 1904 to 1945

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Virginia Tech


This study examines Syngman Rhee's activities in the United States, from 1904 to 1945, as he tried to gain independence for Korea. Rhee was a prominent Korean nationalist, anti-communist, and first President of South Korea. Chapter One (1904-1918) examines how Rhee began his fight for Korean independence after consequential events in Korean history. Chapter Two (1919-1938) looks at Rhee's activities as a principal leader of Korean independence from 1919 to 1938. After the March First Movement in Korea in 1919, he became the President of the Korean Provisional Government and concentrated his efforts on diplomacy and propaganda in the United States. Chapter Three (1939-1945) focuses on Rhee's efforts for the recognition of the Korean Provisional Government and the guarantee of Korean independence immediately after the war. In addition, the chapter examines why Rhee started to fight against Russian aggression toward Korea. Chapter Four (after 1945) briefly examines Rhee' s continuous fight for Korean independence against Russian communism, after he returned to Korea. As this thesis concludes, Rhee's long struggle for Korean independence greatly contributed to the establishment of a democratic South Korea.



Korea, history, Rhee