A study for preserving and renovating the main building of Solitude at Virginia Tech

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Virginia Tech


The main building of the Solitude complex is one of the oldest buildings on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. The purpose of this study is to provide preliminary research for the master preservation plan of the historic landmark.

In order to preserve and renovate the building, a field survey was conducted to collect data. Under the guidelines of the Historic American Building Survey, the building has been fully documented on measured drawings, and visible defects have been inspected. Computer programs were used as a means to execute drawings; a written report of the survey was organized according to the major building components.

By using the knowledge of architectural history, building construction, preservation philosophy, and wood preservation technology, the collected data was analyzed, the causes of the defects were diagnosed, and the preservation treatments were suggested. Furthermore, recommendations for adaptive reuse are proposed. Meanwhile, this study also leaves openings for further study in some special fields.