A dialogue: a steel mill, a method, an expression

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Architecture is an act of making.

A student of architecture must respond to the findings in the practice of architecture, the making.

Theories are only signified through and after the making of a work of architecture. These theories develop from discussions among others and within oneself of ideas and objects in the artistic framework

Finding the similarities and differences within objects and ideas begins the · dialogue. A reduction takes place. Ideas and objects are catalogued to ideas already structured in the architect’s mind from previous perceptions. This is not to say that the perceptions are brought down to similar experiences, but to ideas and things that have their own structure within the one world. Things and ideas no longer hold in our experiential context, they are reduced to perceptions that are not sensed in the initial apprehension of the phenomena; Perceptions that the architect understands through the making of objects.

Something that was not revealed initially is unconcealed giving the architect a sense of being in the world.