Mystery: Architecture

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Virginia Tech


What is a library? It is easy to envision the ordinary and ubiquitous library that we are all familiar with, but is there more to libraries that is yet to be explored? What is a concept of a library? What do we as architects envision as the design for a library?

The Thesis is built upon the idea that Libraries should be designed out of stories, because stories are written in books and books are found in libraries.

According to the writer Borges, the concept of a library, is that it is composed of an indefinite and infinite number of galleries, which are connected by vestibules. Anyone in this library can see upper and lower from any galleries and "all are repeated in the same disorder which constitutes an order!" ...

The Thesis explores this concept of finding the order through repeated disorders, in another words, a labyrinth. The writer Umberto Eco has said in one of his novels:

"How beautiful the world would be if there were a procedure for moving through labyrinths."

In search of this "beauty" in the world, through this thesis I have explored and found the procedure for designing a library.



mystery, short stories, labyrinth, library