iLORE: A Data Schema for Aggregating Disparate Sources of Computer System and Benchmark Information

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Virginia Tech


The era of modern computing has been the stage for numerous innovations that have led to cutting edge applications and systems. The characteristics of these systems and applications have been described and quantified by many, however such information is fragmented between various repositories of system and component information. In an effort to collate these disparate collections of information we propose iLORE, an extensible data framework for representing computer systems and their components. We describe the iLORE framework and the pipeline used to aggregate, clean, and insert system and component information into a database that uses iLORE's framework. Additionally, we demonstrate how the database can be used to analyze trends in computing by validating the collected data using previous works, and by showcasing new analyses that were created with said data. Analyses and visualizations created via iLORE are available at



CSGenome, iLORE, data framework, computer systems, data collection