Heterotopianizing Hyper-dimensions


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Virginia Tech


My thesis tries to speculate a building in a scenario where there is a four-dimensional world behind the world we currently inhabit, inspired by the provocative 19th-century romance Flatland. After studying the characters of higher dimensionality, the thesis generalizes a way of perceiving the fourth dimension in three-dimensional building, which has two aspects of space and time. First, expanding the space allow us to perceive each 3D slice of a 4D space. Those slices should be "seen" at the same time if we have four-dimensional senses. This brings up the second aspect, folding time. We travel from one slice to another, spending time that would be no time if we truly experience four dimensionally.

The site is a small traffic island in Rosslyn, Virginia, across from Washington DC. Taking the space within the site as a slicer, and applying the method from studying the 4th dimension, we have got series of scenes (represented in box) in different sizes. These scenes are the 3-dimensional sections of the 4-dimensional world that are unseen to all of us, and are only to be "seen" by going into this building on the site. But the nature of going through the 4D in this 3 dimensional way is very personal. And the different sequences create different representations of what the building would be. Thus, I take a journey of our character J as an example to show what a similar building experience would be if we were going into it.

The number of 3D sections from 4D is infinite, thus our building is a particular combination of the scenes which are forming one's journey. In our world, visiting this building one enters by arriving at its end (top in this case), and going back down to exit. It is the same in the narrative of J's journey in this building's world. So, reality and imagination merge. Let's find out what it feels like.



fourth-dimension, experience, library, heterotopia, story, journey