Analysis of Adiabatic Shear Banding in a Thick-Walled Steel Tube by the Finite Element Method


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Virginia Tech


The initiation and propagation of adiabatic shear bands is analyzed numerically for an impulsively loaded thick-walled steel tube. A circumferential V-notch located at the outer surface of the center of the tube provides a stress concentration. The material is modeled as strain hardening, strain-rate hardening and thermal softening. The dynamic loading conditions considered are pure torsion, axial pressure combined with torsion, and internal pressure combined with torsion. Because of the stress concentration, a shear band will first initiate in an element adjoining the notch tip and propagate radially inwards through the thickness of the tube. The speed of propagation and the amount of energy required to drive a shear band through the material are calculated. The effects of the pressure preload and the depth of the notch are studied. Also, the influence of thermal softening is investigated by modeling it after a relation proposed by Zhou et al.

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thick-walled cylinder, high strain rate, adiabatic shear band, DYNA3D