The design of skin friction gages for measurements in high-speed, short-duration flows

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Virginia Tech


The design of skin friction gages has been explored analytically and experimentally for measuring skin friction in high-speed, short-duration flow. Several gage designs were considered. One promising gage design used a floating element, while another was microfabricated using sputtering techniques. All of the gages were physically modeled to determine the output caused by Mach 2 unheated flow. Frequency response analysis was also performed on the floating element and sputtered design to determine their ability to make measurements in the millisecond time range. Temperature and normal pressure effects were a source of measurement error, and techniques were developed for minimizing the error due these effects. Tests were made in Mach 2 flow and the results of these tests are discussed. Recommendations are provided as to how the gages can be improved for further testing.