Resources to Engage the Cyberbiosecurity Workforce Pipeline: Empowering Agricultural Educators and Middle School Girls in STEM


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Initiating the Rural Cyberbiosecurity Workforce Pipeline Through Empowering Agricultural Educators & Supporting Middle School Girls: Project Resources

About the Resources The resources and activities of this project were piloted in middle school agriculture classes and 4-H learning environments and revised based on educator and learner feedback. Factsheets were evaluated by scientific and cybersecurity education experts and in part by the Center for Advanced Innovation in Agriculture Graduate Student Affiliates.

The resources have been introduced to school-based agricultural educators and extension agents at state-level professional development conferences and to members of a national cybersecurity education network. Implementation by a new cohort of educators is underway to collect further input from the field.

Their Purpose To date, youth have found the activities engaging, educators are excited about the possibility of innovating their agricultural education programs, and the factsheets provide spark novel ideas for further activities that can be modified and/or developed.

Produced as Open Educational Resources (OER), the materials are freely available online for educators to download and can be remixed for use in a variety of educational settings. Educators are encouraged to use our resources, revise them for their own setting, and contribute their new versions and ideas to the growing OER collection. All factsheets, facilitator guides, and handouts are available for free electronic download.



Cyberbiosecurity, Workforce pipeline, Girls in STEM, Open educational resources (OER), Teachers, Agricultural education, Middle school