The adaption of powdered starch solutions for the stiffening of dark cottons with selected construction features

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute


The suitability of powdered starch with borax or glycerine accessories for dark cottons of three different colors and weights and with selected construction gestures was ascertained. Selected colors, weights, and construction features were evaluated by analysis of variance for their effect on the suitability of the starch and its additive.

The scores recorded by a panel of competent judges supplied data on the change in color, luster, and hand of the starched fabric.

The color was statistically significant in only half of the instances for which it was analyzed. The weight of the fabric was significant for one-fourth of the starched samples. Construction influenced starching only when combined with another factor, and then is only one case of a possible six.

Scores indicated starching caused from moderate to considerable change for the majority of the samples.

The glycerine and starch treatment was more affective than the starch and borax combination.