Distributions across the plume of transverse liquid and slurry jets in supersonic airflow

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Liquid and slurry jets were injected through a circular orifice transverse to a M = 3.0 airflow. Mass samples of both jets were taken across the plume 30 injector diameters downstream. Pitot and static pressure surveys were taken across the liquid jet. These data allowed the calculation of distributions across the liquid jet plume of Mach number, air mass flow, liquid-to-air ratio, and momentum flux. A correlation for the liquid concentration in the downstream plane is also presented. In the plume, there is a core region of subsonic airflow carrying two-thirds of the mass collected in the plume. In the core, the liquid mass flow is nearly constant from side-to-side at a given height, and the average velocity of the liquid is only 30 to 60% of the local air velocity. A supersonic mixing region covering two-thirds of the area of the plume surrounds the core region. Comparison with the results from this direct sampling data indicate that correlations developed from photographic techniques are inadequate in determining the jet penetration and width of liquid and slurry jets. The slurry jet showed substantial phase separation. A 30% mass-loaded slurry of 1-5 µm silicon dioxide particles mixed with water was injected, and the local loading varied from a low of 13% at the bottom of the plume to 100% outside the liquid plume. The local loading increased as the jet boundary was approached from any direction.