Processing and properties of FeW amorphous particle strengthened metal matrix composites

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Virginia Tech


Metal matrix composites have two important interfacial problems between the matrix and the reinforcement which can reduce its desirable mechanical properties. Chemical differences between the matrix and the reinforcement can lead to reactions and deterioration of the reinforcement. Secondly, structural differences between the matrix and the reinforcement lead to bonding conditions which are far from ideal. By using a reinforcement which has a similar chemistry and local atomic structure to that of the matrix, these critical problems can be reduced. A crystalline matrix reinforced with an amorphous form of the matrix is a possible solution to the problem. Composites of amorphous Fe-W alloy particles reinforcing an Fe matrix were produced using mechanical alloying. Bulk samples were produced and their properties were studied. After analyzing the results, the amorphous alloys were determined to be effective strengtheners. However, porosity in the composites led to a reduction of the strengthening imparted by the reinforcement.