Legal aspects of sanitary engineering facilities

dc.contributor.authorBeard, Betty Beallen
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dc.description.abstractA study of 160 legal cases involving sanitary engineering facilities was made. Each case was read, summarized, and commented upon by the writer. Emphasis was placed on the engineering information contained in each case, with discussion of legal principles which pertain to the particular engineering situation. The case discussions were then categorized as to the predominant engineering topic involved and arranged accordingly. The purpose of this arrangement by engineering topic, rather than the usual legal topic, was to make available to the engineering profession a reference which will enable the engineer to better obtain information regarding a specific situation. Prior to this presentation, references have categorized these cases within over four-hundred legal topics. Litigation directly or indirectly involving sanitary engineering facilities has increased over the last twenty years, partially in response to an increased awareness of water pollution. The cases reflect the regional differences in legal philosophy. More state courts recognize the liability of engineers. Much litigation can be avoided by the engineering profession's recognition that adequate supervision and inspection of construction, knowledge of subsurface conditions, and the use of correct contract and specification language are integral parts of the sanitary engineer's professional responsibilities. Engineering colleges should offer more training in those areas.en
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dc.subject.lcshSewerage -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Casesen
dc.subject.lcshWater -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Casesen
dc.titleLegal aspects of sanitary engineering facilitiesen
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