Staged Evolution

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Virginia Tech


Architecture has the power to reveal the complexities of man in nature through the degree of control in the process of form making. This process offers the opportunity to create different physical and psychological experiences dependent on its articulation. This is a study that explores the introduction of chance into the making process.

Through a series of model studies, I explored how basic platonic solids, more specifically cube define spatial boundaries and how asymmetrical space could challenge its regularity and symmetry. Through chemical reactions randomized organic cavities were achieved that exposed contrast between regular exterior form and irregular interior form. This visual accent is embedded in irregular forms and is unrepeatable. The act of making exposes the intricate patterns created that replicate nature and the manifestation of material decay.

With this in mind, as part of my thesis, I would like to apply the above discoveries into an observation tower. The orthogonal prisms, once deconstructed, draw attention to newly generated cavities and decay, revealing different conditions throughout from where visitors can enjoy views of Mallacoota's landscape.



Decay, Material, Climate Change