Factors influencing selected male college students' condom usage

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Virginia Tech


The purpose of this study was to assess male college students’ use of condoms, reasons for using condoms, their attitudes toward sexuality, and their attitudes toward condoms. The sample consisted of 305 male students who completed a questionnaire consisting of informational items (assessing class standing, marital status, reasons for using condoms, number of recent sexual partners, and intention to use condoms), the Sexual Opinion Survey, and the Attitude Toward Condoms Scale. The scores on the Attitude Toward Condoms Scale ranged from extremely negative to extremely positive, but the mean was close to the middle of the scale. The item correlation between the Attitude Toward Condoms Scale and the Sexual Opinion Survey was calculated to be .07 or no correlation, this implies there is no relationship between attitude toward sexuality and attitude toward condoms. A mild negative correlation (-.42) was noted between the Attitude Toward Condoms Scale and the item that stated "If you have intercourse in the next month, do you intend to use condoms?" The implications of these findings for increasing condom usage and recommendations for future research were discussed.