Implications for the teaching of school science arising from certain religious attitudes toward scientific facts and theories

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute


After searching periodicals and getting the views of science teachers, it was found that the minority religious groups and individuals in larger religious groups had these three main objections to the teaching of science in the public schools.

  1. The schools should not teach that the earth is round since the Bible states that it has four corners.
  2. No scientific facts that relate to resistance to disease, health and sanitation problems, spread of disease or transmission of disease by bacteria or insects should be taught in the public schools.
  3. No phase of evolution should be taught in the schools, how the earth plants, animals, or man evolved.

In order to meet these objections, material has been compiled for the use of science teachers. No effort has been made to suggest methods of teaching such material since the teaching situations of science teachers appear to be varied and each individual can best select his own method.