IMTS (Intelligent Monitoring and Trending System)a PC-based monitoring, evaluation and trending system for rotating machinery

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Virginia Tech


Analysis of rotating machinery requires the collection and evaluation of large quantities of data. For just one machine, the amount of data may become so overwhelmingly great that a thorough examination of all the data is rendered impractical. IMTS (Intelligent Monitoring And Trending System) is a data acquisition system that has been developed to help resolve this problem. IMTS is a pc based system which can collect data that is relevant to diagnostic considerations, perform an evaluation by filtering the data through special standards and store the results for later review. The system is flexible because the data is evaluated by user defined, multi-level references called standards. IMTS operates in the Microsoft Windows 3.0 operating system, which has the advantage of multitasking two or more programs and thereby allows the data to be collected, evaluated and displayed simultaneously. This means that the user does not experience any temporary periods of system inaccessibility as would be the case in a sequential operating system, such as DOS. This thesis discusses the development of IMTS and explains the capabilities of the current system configuration and gives examples of the monitor screen options and trend plotting capabilities.