Using Event Attendees' Perceived Importance of Event Design to Evaluate Overall Satisfaction

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Virginia Tech

The purpose of this study is to develop a model that tests the impact of attendees' perceived importance of event design on their overall satisfaction of the event. By understanding what attendees' perceive as important and valuable to their overall experience, and thus enhancing their overall experience, researchers, planners, and managers alike will potentially have a tool for assessment and forecasting. Responses were collected from 373 participants who have attended a particular large music and gaming festival. The study found that the perceived value and importance of event design has a significant and positive effect on an event attendee's overall experience. This study has established a scale for planners and designers to implement in other event evaluation circumstances to allow for them to identify their weak links according to their customer base, and then enhance them in order to improve future event growth.

event design, perceived importance, perceived value, atmospherics, dramaturgy, service, servicescape, satisfaction