An analysis of the Lincoln Electric Company's personnel program

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute


The Lincoln Electric Company has been outstandingly successful in the manufacture of welding equipment. The purpose of this thesis is to examine the overall personnel program of the Lincoln Electric Company, and to relate various segments of this program to the high level of individual and organizational productivity which is evident at Lincoln.

As a consequence of this study, numerous conclusions were reached. First, many policies in effect at the Lincoln Electric Company tend to make Lincoln's work force quite stable. Since a stable work force composed of highly productive individuals tends to result in a highly productive organization, individual productivity is also examined. It is concluded that the Lincoln worker has more of his needs satisfied through employment than docs the average industrial worker. In order to satisfy those needs which remain capable of motivating the worker, he must proceed in a manner consistent with the organization's goals. This is the most important explanation advanced for the highly productive nature of this company’s work force. In concluding this study, a discussion of the applicability of this system is presented. It is decided that there is nothing unique in the manufacture of welding equipment which would prevent this plan from succeeding in other industries; however, the environment within which this plan was developed is not typical, and has contributed greatly to its success.