Extended stormwater detention basin design for pollutant removal

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Virginia Tech


A Statistical formulation for estimating the average time of detention within a pond for a captured runoff volume is presented. It is assumed that mixing takes place during an event and that settling occurs over the period required to empty the captured volume or the time between successive events, whichever is smaller. This analytical detention time is used in conjunction with a pollutant settling efficiency-detention time curve to estimate the settling efficiency. This curve is generated from Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) simulations and shown to be independent of runoff statistics, pond configuration, and arbitrary but constant influent concentration under complete mixing. The analytical detention time estimate, in combination with the settling efficiency curve and an expression for the capture efficiency of the pond provides a valuable desktop method for the planning level design of detention basins for pollutant removal. The method performs quite well when compared to the results obtained from long-term SWMM simulation runs.