Computers and Families

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Virginia Tech

As we move into the new millennium, computers will increasingly become part of the human culture. As such, computers will continue to effect families, and there will undoubtedly be a proliferation of computer usage across family types. Because computers will be an integral part of change in the next millennium, it is important to examine their potential impact on the basic unit of society- the family. This study, descriptive in nature, provides insight on families and their interactions as related to computer use in their homes. Better understanding of computers and family life can help provide the basis for a smoother transition for families into the expanding world of information technology.

As the expansion of the digital age proceeds, its impact on family life would seem to warrant investigation. Information on who is using computers in the home, how those computers are being used, and how time is spent on computers can add to our appreciation of the impact of computer technology. In addition, the perceived impact of computers needs to be assessed in relation to outcomes for family life- interaction, relationships, and familial organization.

computers, family, families, personal computers, interactions