Performance and availability analysis of Oceanic Air Traffic Control System (OATCS)

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Virginia Tech


Currently, there is a significant increase in oceanic air traffic. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is attempting to keep pace with this traffic. Automation is being planned in the airline and Air Traffic Control (ATC) system; eventually, all oceanic functions will be part of the FAA Advanced Automation System (AAS).

The Oceanic Display and Planning System (ODAPS) capabilities include oceanic flight data processing, conflict probe, flight strip printing; and aircraft situation display capabilities. The Fight Data Input/Output (FDIO) device is currently being used as the main controller input device to the ODAPS. The objective of the Oceanic Air Traffic Control System (OATCS) is to replace the FDIO device with a system that will provide more flexibility and assistance to the oceanic air traffic controller in interfacing with the ODAPS The OA TCS being proposed by this research and thesis is an interim system in support of planned automation. The OATCS will provide the controller with the ability to scroll, and search through previous received ODAPS update, alert, and response messages, and to compose and edit ODAPS flight plan messages. The OATCs will augment and enhance the current functionality of the FDIO system of the ODAPS by providing high technology workstations similar to AAS. The OATCS also will provide the capability to process Automatic Depending Surveillance (ADS) position reports by replacing ODAPS peripherals to improve the working environment for oceanic controllers, the ARINC Communication Center, and the pilot. In addition, the OATCS will support a future two way data link between the oceanic controller and the pilot.