Investigations into the nature of architectural space

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Virginia Tech


The concern of my work is primarily epistemological in nature. It is centered on the question of architectural space and the manner in which the framing of the definition of space affects architectural outcomes.

This interest in definition dictated that the context of the work be theoretical as opposed to practical, universal rather than particular. This means that the particulars of an architectural work is not a primary concern and that issues such as site, programmatic concerns, economic or social issues were inconsequential in this investigation.

The attempt to document this study has lead to a survey of my readings by art historians, theoreticians and philosophers on whose scholarship I relied heavily, for the theoretical principles that influenced my architectural work.

The focus has been erudition and learning, that centers on process rather than on the world of temporal phenomena. At first, the architectural object was but a way to work through some of the processes, although, I realized with surprise that the work itself had gained a profound presence of its own, becoming an end in itself.



definition of space