In Search of Forms in the Design of an Urban Intervention

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Virginia Tech


Urban Interventions are too often regarded by long-time inhabitants of city neighborhoods as a means to displace them from their homes to make room for expensive chain stores and exclusive residential buildings - gentrification. This view is unfortunately correct more often than not.

An intervention should instead aim to improve the physical environment, public space. It will allow equal access to all residents. The street will shift from automobile centered to people-centered. The introduction of vegetation to the urban environment in an intervention not only improves air and water quality and reduces urban heat, but offers long lasting positive effects on the general well-being of residents by providing psychological relief.

The forms that shape this urban intervention will take the above mentioned items into consideration, and in addition possess qualities that spur interactions that shape memory of the place. Undulations, extrusions that provide shade and shelter, bridging features - allow an urban scene to unfold. Careful placement of vertical planes will provide a sense of enclosure and a place for respite from the hectic activity beyond.



Architecture, Baltimore, Form, Apartments, Bridge, Courtyard