Time of fruit bud formation in strawberry plants as influenced by varying ratios of nitrogen

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Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute


As a result of this investigation the following conclusions were reached:

  1. The application of nitrogen, in any amounts, made immediately following planting does not produce any noticeable effect on the time of fruit bud differentiation in the strawberry.

  2. Nitrogen fertilizers applied to strawberry plants shortly after planting hasten the formation of runners and increase the number of runners produced.

  3. The length of the runners between rooted runner plants is not materially increased by.nitrogen fertilizers.

  4. Although runner production is hastened by the use of nitrogen, the actual rooting of the runner plants takes place at approximately the same time in fertilized and unfertilized plants.

  5. Fruit bud differentiation is associated 1vith a decrease in the length of runners produced which probably results in an accumulation of carbohydrates.

  6. Field conditions cannot be satisfactorily simulated under average greenhouse conditions and therefor results that are secured in greenhouse experiments cannot be deemed applicable to plants growing under field conditions.