Volumetric Transparency: Application of an Improved Double Glass Facade System to Cowgill Hall, Blacksburg


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Virginia Tech


The initial idea for this thesis involved the design of an addition to Cowgill Hall on the Virginia Tech Campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. This addition, to be constructed with an envelope comprised primarily of glass, would be located on the south side of Cowgill Hall, adjacent to Cowgill Plaza. The all-glass box would add a transparent volume to the existing building, diminishing the barrier between inside and outside. The project would also energize the existing plaza by connecting the activity inside to outside and providing the dynamic reflection of a glass facade. Cowgill Hall would also be given new life by providing a new shared vertical space for dynamic communication and light. Potential problems associated with the all-glass box include high heat loss or gain, glare and noise control. A double envelope system of construction was explored as a means of solving some of these problems and an endeavor on literature review, technical research and design improvement of double glass facade was also made.



Double Glass Facade