Antenna Selection for a Public Safety Cognitive Radio

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Virginia Tech


Ever since the dawn of radio communication systems, the antenna has been the key component in the construction and performance of every wireless system. With the proliferation of new radio systems, a cognitive radio is a radio that has the capability to sense, learn, and autonomously adapt to its environment. The hardware components are essential to optimizing performance. Antenna hardware for cognitive radio applications presents distinctive problems, since in theoretical terms, a cognitive radio can operate anywhere in the spectrum.

The purpose of this thesis is to investigate a particular type of cognitive radio system and examine the potential affects the antenna will have on the system. The thesis will provide an overview of fundamental antenna properties, the performance characteristics of the particular antenna used in this research, and the system characteristics when the antenna is integrated. This thesis will also illustrate how the antenna and its properties affect the overall public safety cognitive radio performance. This information can be used to establish antenna selection criteria for optimum system performance.



Quadband Antenna, Public Safety Cognitive Radio