A Stage for the Town of Floyd

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Virginia Tech


Architecture extends into a place through the manifestation of the human spirit and will. It should intensify that place and heighten the awareness of human existence. Upon entering into this higher realm of understanding of the self and place, one begins to find beauty in the created object inhabited. This architecture speaks of a higher intention of man, awakens his emotions, and urges his desires to not merely exist but to engage in the celebration of life.

Architecture at the scale of the Town is a stage upon which the daily lives of the individual and the collective are framed, and the exchange of ideas, services, products and entertainment become the scenes of a play. The Town is an artifact of humanity. Through architecture, the Town should be a place where one can refine the mind, body, and soul - a place of fellowship and gathering. The focus of this thesis is to provide such a place for the Town of Floyd, Virginia.



axis, a place of gathering, Floyd Virginia, Floor, Town as a Stage