An update of the chronology of business education

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Virginia Tech


The purpose of this study was to determine the technological, organizational, legislative, and research events that should be included in a 1989 revision of A Chronology of Business Education in the United States last updated in 1968 by Samuel J. Wanous with selected events added in 1977 by National Business Education Association staff. To achieve this objective a modified Delphi technique was employed using a 29-member panel.

The Delphi panel was comprised of 23 members of the Policies Commission and 6 John Robert Gregg award winners. The panel members provided expertise in business education, a national perspective, and representation of the major professional organizations. The members of the Policies Commission in effect define business education and are considered to be experts in the field. The John Robert Gregg award winners have made outstanding contributions to the development and advancement of business education. Additionally, the Delphi panel members represented the five geographic regions of the United States (i.e., Eastern, Mountain-Plains, North-Central, Southern, and Western). The professional organizations in business education (i.e., American Vocational Association, National Business Education Association, and Delta Pi Epsilon) were all represented.