A House and A Workshop

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Virginia Tech


This thesis is a series of projects that attempt to create a fully imagined and described world for a woodworker. Each project, titled A House and A Workshop, focuses on different ideas as the imagined world becomes clearer. A House and A Workshop 1.1 explores my own images of the two buildings and how that influences the world that I describe. It also focuses on how the building type can inform the physical shape of each. A House and A Workshop 1.2 begins to investigate the daily rituals and routines of the imagined inhabitant. The question is raised of how those things can and should influence the architecture. A House and A Workshop 1.3 explores the physical relationship of the two buildings and the movement that the relationship implies. The idea of a room within a room emerges as the imagined world of the woodworker comes into focus. A House and A Workshop 1.4 seeks to clarify the ideas that I had been working with during the year by describing a more idealized world than the other versions. The value of making things and choosing to live that kind of life is an important aspect of this project. Finally, there is a project titled, A Chair, that lies outside the series of houses and workshops. Itâ s a demonstration rather than a description of the ideas that were explored during the thesis year.



making, workshop, form, house, routines, world