The Presidential Memorial Museum

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Virginia Tech


The Project involves an architectural design for a facility located at the Tidal Basin on the Mall of the Washington District of Columbia. The Presidential Memorial Museum is a proposed facility to represent the presidential institution memorial and housing the exhibits of one of the most historical institutions in the country. The historical nature of the work represents the presidents of the United States, its artifacts, their collection exhibition and preservation of the objects and its meanings on the commemorated site of America's people.

The work attempts towards the integration of architectural theories about museum buildings, site constraints, programming and purpose to represent America's Democracy. The building itself intends to contribute the encounter of a spacial and a democratic experience.

The defined spaces and architectural geometry are organized around an urban-landscape framework with an architectural display.

The Presidential Memorial Museum is developed with a method of design that involves a personal discernment in working with contemporary architectural design and programmatic concerns to create an expectation of the presidential future learning the historical background while making efforts to achieve the articulation and compatibility required by the immediate ambiance.



Urban Design, Washington D.C. Mall, Urban Wall, Museum, Memorial, Architectural Buildings, Public Spaces