Personal computer development system software architecture

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


The rapid proliferation of microprocessor based products has increased the need of Microcomputer Development Systems. The IBM PC's software architecture is modified to make it an Intel Series III compatible development system. Universal development interface (UDI) is used to allow all Intel languages and object modules to execute on the IBM PC. The development languages available are the 8086/8088 assembly language, with F0RTRAN-86 and Pascal-86 as the high level languages. The exact working and operating procedures of the software development tools, like an assembler, compiler, linker, locater, hex to object converter and a debugger are explained in detail. Mathematical support is either through an 8087 or its emulator. Detailed explanation of high level language program execution is given, including the run time support needed. A serial loader program is also available to downline load programs from the IBM PC development system to other target machines, like the SDK-86 single board computer.